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Deep water geomorphology of the mixed siliciclastic-carbonate system, Gulf of Papua 5
Francis, Jason M.; Daniell, James J.; Droxler, Andre W.; Dickens, Gerald R.; Bentley, Samuel J.; Peterson, Larry C.; Opdyke, Bradley N.; Beaufort, Luc.
The Gulf of Papua (GoP) has become a focal point for understanding the deposition and accumulation of siliciclastic and carbonate material along and across a low-latitude continental margin. Although studies have addressed submarine geomorphological features on the inner and middle shelves, as well as processes that may have led to their formation, the seafloor of adjacent slope regions remains poorly documented. This study presents and interprets results from approximately 13,000 line-km of multibeam bathymetry, 9500 line-km of 3.5 kHz seismic, and 122 sediment cores that were collected from the GoP shelf edge and slope, primarily on two cruises (PANASH and PECTEN). Bathymetric maps, in conjunction with the seismic profiles and cores, were used to make...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Great barrier reef; New Guinea; Platform margin; Foreland basin; OF Papua; Sedimentation; Shelf; Bank; Circulation; Australia.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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