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The Economic Impacts of Pollinator Declines: An Approach to Assessing the Consequences Ecology and Society
Kevan, Peter G; University of Guelph;; Phillips, Truman P; University of Guelph;
Since agricultural activities were first recorded, there have been shortages of pollinators. Today it seems that pollination systems in many areas of agriculture are threatened by the inadequacy or lack of sustainable managed, indigenous, or imported pollinators. Pollinator shortages can adversely affect crop production and commodity markets. This paper presents an economic model than can be used to measure some of the economic impacts of pollinator deficits on traded commodities. This economic analysis indicates that consumers of a commodity affected by a pollinator deficit may suffer because the commodity costs more and becomes less available. At the same time, although the producers of the affected commodity may experience crop declines, they may also...
Tipo: Peer-Reviewed Reports Palavras-chave: Agricultural sustainability; Economics; Food prices; Pollinator abundance; Pollinator availability; Pollinator deficit; Pollinator diversity; Pollinator force; World food supply; Trade.
Ano: 2001
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