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Shallow gas hydrate accumulations at a Nigerian deep‐water pockmark ‐ Quantities and dynamics 5
Pape, Thomas; Ruffine, Livio; Hong, Wei‐li; Sultan, Nabil; Riboulot, Vincent; Peters, Carl A.; Kölling, Martin; Zabel, Matthias; Garziglia, Sebastien; Bohrmann, Gerhard.
The evolution of submarine pockmarks is often related to the ascent of fluid from the subsurface. For pockmarks located within the gas hydrate stability zone, methane oversaturation can result in the formation of gas hydrates in the sediment. A ca. 600 m‐wide sea floor depression in deep‐waters offshore Nigeria, Pockmark A, was investigated for distributions and quantities of shallow gas hydrates, origins of hydrocarbons and time elapsed since the last major fluid ascent event. For the first time, pressure coring of shallow sediments and drilling of more than 50‐m‐long cores with the sea floor drill rig MARUM‐MeBo70 were conducted in this pockmark. Unusually high hydrate saturations of up to 51% of pore volume in the uppermost 2.5 meters of sediment in the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Pockmark; Gas hydrate; Methane; MeBo; Pressure coring; Pore water modeling.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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