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Les pêcheries mixtes de langoustine et de merlu du golfe de Gascogne. Description, préparation à une modélisation et à une simulation des procédures de gestion ArchiMer
Charuau, Anatole; Ifremer.
1 - Study's goals review The management of Norway Lobster and Hake fisheries can be considered as the most important issue in the Gascogne gulf. Calculation methods used to evaluate prediction variations under various efforts and mesh constraints all pinpoint to the crucial role narrow mesh fishing plays in Hakes' Northern stock status. The involvement of Gascogne gulf Norway Lobster fisheries regarding Hakes over exploitation seems over dimensioned when comparing the size of both of these stocks. Hake stocks spread from Northern Great Britain to Northern Spain, while Norway Lobster stocks are located in the Gascogne gulf's mud flats. The biological solution is well known and consists in globally increasing mesh nets to 80mm which would bring up Hakes...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Procedures of management; Modeling; Bay of Biscay; Mixed fishery; Lobster; Hake.
Ano: 1987 URL:
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