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Modelling of circulation and dispersion of radioactive pollutants in the Japan Sea ArchiMer
Cetina, Matjaz; Rajar, Rudi; Povinec, Pavel.
A large amount of radioactive waste was deposited in the Japan Sea, at a depth of about 3 000 m by the former Soviet Union. Research was carried out to determine to what extent the surface waters could be contaminated by possible leakage from the dumped containers. A three-dimensional, non-linear, baroclinic model was used to determine the circulation and pollutant dispersion. The computations were carried out in the diagnostic mode, taking into account data on winter and summer temperature and salinity distribution. Thermohaline forcing due to strong temperatures and salinity gradients is the main forcing factor influencing the bottom circulation. Wind forcing and the inflow/outflow surface currents were also taken into account. The simulated velocity...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Hydrodynamique; Modélisation 3D; Pollution radioactive; Mer du Japon; Hydrodynamic; 3D modelling; Radioactive pollution; Japan Sea.
Ano: 2000 URL:
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