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Records of Holocene climatic fluctuations and anthropogenic lead input in elemental distribution and radiogenic isotopes (Nd and Pb) in sediments of the Gulf of Lions (Southern France) ArchiMer
Nizou, Jean; Dennielou, Bernard; Révillon, Sidonie; Bassetti, Maria-angela; Jouet, Gwenael; Berné, Serge; Nonnotte, Philippe; Liorzou, Celine.
Marine mud belts represent potential continuous high-resolution climatic, environmental and anthropogenic archives. In this study, a geochemical record of the Gulf of Lions mud belt, which receives sediments from the Rhône watershed and to a lesser extent from the Languedoc region, is reported from Core KSGC-31. The effects of natural climatic changes and possible anthropogenic disturbances on Holocene sedimentation were ascertained by analysing sedimentation rates, chemical weathering (Al2O3/K2O) and sediment-source shifts (neodymium isotopic ratios; εNd). Measurements of elemental and isotopic lead were used to trace the source and determine the potential vectors of anthropogenic contaminations over the Holocene. High εNd values, recorded from 9000 to...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Holocene; Marine mud belt; Medieval lead contamination; Roman lead contamination; Sediment source fingerprinting; South of France.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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