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Modélisation des flux de matières dans la baie de Marennes-Oléron : couplage de l'hydrodynamisme, de la production primaire et de la consommation par les huîtres. ArchiMer
Struski, Caroline.
To answer the questions of trophic capacity of the oyster bay of Marennes- Oléron, models were implemented since the 90s. The dynamics of the system is studied here by using a model 2D of hydrodynamism and transport with fine meshes (SiAM2D). The modelling and the analysis of existing data are used to answer the following questions: which factors control the primary production in the bay, in which scales of time act these factors, which link exists between pelagic and microphytobenthic productions , and which is the impact of oysters on the planctonic compartment SiAM2D serves as tool to couple models of pelagic and microphytobenthic primary production, and of filtration by oysters. The model of pelagic production is calibrated from measures of...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Oyster impact; Primary production; Scales of variability; Biophysical model; Impact des huîtres; Production primaire; Echelles de variabilité; Modèle biophysique.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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