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Contraintes par imagerie sismique pénétrante sur l'évolution d'une marge Cénozoïque réactivée en compression (cas de la marge algérienne, secteur de Tipaza) ArchiMer
Lepretre, Angelique.
The inversion of passive margins appears to be one of the first steps towards the initiation of new subduction zones. This crucial step in plate tectonics nevertheless still raises many questions. The study of margins currently reactivated by compressional tectonics is thus essential to better understand this process. These margins are uncommon, located in different geodynamic settings, and the factors determining their evolution are poorly constrained. The Algerian margin, located in North Africa, is one of handful of modern examples worldwide. The evolution of this margin, rifted during the Miocene, in a back-arc setting, is part ofthe complex puzzle of the western Mediterranean. Since a few million years, the margin has suffered inversion and...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Marge algérienne; Structure crustale; Réactivation en compression; Bassin arrière-arc; Méditerranée Occidentale; Sismique-réflexion marine; Sismique grand-angle; Algerian margin; Crustal structure; Compressional reactivation; Back-arc basin; Western Mediterranean; Marine reflection-seismic profiles; Wide-angle seismic profile.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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