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Commentary: Is the Evidence for Localization of Nephrin on the Slit Diaphragm Rigid? International Journal of Morphology
Hipkaeo,Wiphawi; Suzuki,Ryoji; Abe,Hiroshi; Chaisiwamongkol,Kowit; Kondo,Hisatake.
After careful observation of immuno-electron microscopic findings of the renal glomerular podocyte slit so far published by various authors, it should be noted that no convincing evidence is present for localization of nephrin-immunoreactivity in the slit itself, but that nephrin-immunoreactivity is dominantly localized along the membranes of podocyte pedicles from their tip over a substantial extension. In addition, the notion that the slit diaphragm is composed of strands is compatible with the widely distributed view that the slit strands represent rod-shaped nephrin molecules. However, 3-D findings that the diaphragm is composed of not only strands but also membranous elements have recently demonstrated separately by embedment-free section electron...
Tipo: Journal article Palavras-chave: Glomerulus; Slit; Nephrin; Localization; Immunohistochemistry.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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