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Soil porosity as a habitat for microorganisms Organic Eprints
Schjønning, P.; Thomsen, I.K.; Christensen, B.T..
The soil pore system has to be characterized quantitatively in order to describe the soil as a habitat for microorganisms. Soil pore morphology as determined by soil structure may be as important as the size distribution for the transport of gases and nutrients. This study adresses the physical properties of differently textured soils in undisturbed and remoulded state and their effect on microbial activity. Bulk soil was retrieved from 0-20 cm depth at six locations along a textural gradient in an arable field in Denmark. The samples ranged in clay content from 11 to 45%. The soils were crushed in air dry state, mixed, re-moistened, and exposed to a 9 month period of structure regeneration. Following application of 14C-labelled organic residues, the...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc. Palavras-chave: Soil quality Biodiversity and ecosystem services Soil tillage Crop health; Quality; Protection Soil biology.
Ano: 1998 URL:
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