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Un modèle empirique du recrutement pour le stock de coquilles Saint Jacques, Pecten maximus (L.) en baie de Saint-Brieuc (Manche, France) ArchiMer
Fifas, Spyros; Dao, Jean-claude; Boucher, Jean.
This paper proposes an empirical model for the recruitment of the scallop stock, Pecten maximus (L.), in Saint-Brieuc Bay (English Channel, France). This stock shows important fluctuations in recruitment. The use of traditional models for fish population dynamics based upon an equilibrium state were inadéquate. This model includes three independent variables: spawning biomass, effects of fishing effort on the unexploited year classes, and temperature. Correlations between these expressions of independent parameters and recruitment are systematically analysed. The choice of the final model relies on minimization of the total variance unexplained portion. Introduction of fishing pattern into the model is realized by testing fishing effort effects upon two...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Recrutement; Modèle empirique; Pecten maximus; Température; Biomasse féconde; Effort de pêche; Recruitment; Empirical model; Pecten maximus; Temperature; Spawning biomass; Fishing effort.
Ano: 1990 URL:
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