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Evidence from three-dimensional seismic tomography for a substantial accumulation of gas hydrate in a fluid-escape chimney in the Nyegga pockmark field, offshore Norway ArchiMer
Plaza-faverola, Andreia; Westbrook, Graham K.; Ker, Stephan; Exley, Russell J. K.; Gailler, Audrey; Minshull, Tim A.; Broto, Karine.
In recent years, it has become evident that features commonly called gas chimneys provide major routes for methane to pass through the methane-hydrate stability zone in continental margins and escape to the ocean. One of many such chimneys lying beneath pockmarks in the southeastern Voring Plateau off Norway was investigated with a high-resolution seismic experiment employing a 2-D array of sixteen 4-component ocean bottom seismic recorders at approximately 100 m separation and a dense network of shots to define the 3-D variation of the chimney's structure and seismic properties. The tomographic model derived from P wave travel times shows that P wave velocity inside the chimney is up to 300 m/s higher than in the surrounding strata within the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Travel time tomography; Mid norwegian margin; Storegga slide; Bearing sediments; Voring plateau; Reflection tomography; Continental margins; Marine sediments; Atlantic margin; Velocity models.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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