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Extended evaluation of polymeric and lipophilic sorbents for passive sampling of marine toxins ArchiMer
Zendong, Zita; Herrenknecht, Christine; Abadie, Eric; Brissard, Charline; Tixier, Celine; Mondeguer, Florence; Sechet, Veronique; Amzil, Zouher; Hess, Philipp.
Marine biotoxins are algal metabolites that can accumulate in fish or shellfish and render these foodstuffs unfit for human consumption. These toxins, released into seawater during algal occurrences, can be monitored through passive sampling. Acetone, methanol and isopropanol were evaluated for their efficiency in extracting toxins from algal biomass. Isopropanol was chosen for further experiments thanks to a slightly higher recovery and no artifact formation. Comparison of Oasis HLB, Strata-X, BondElut C18 and HP-20 sorbent materials in SPE-mode led to the choice of Oasis HLB, HP-20 and Strata-X. These three sorbents were separately exposed as passive samplers for 24 h to seawater spiked with algal extracts containing known amounts of okadaic acid (OA),...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Passive sampling; Oasis HLB; Strata-X; LOPE; PDMS; SPATT.
Ano: 2014 URL:
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