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The Suess effect in Fiji coral delta C-13 and its potential as a tracer of anthropogenlc CO2 uptake ArchiMer
Dassie, Emilie P.; Lemley, Gavin M.; Linsley, Braddock K..
In the context of increasing anthropogenic CO2 emissions, determining the rate of oceanic CO2 uptake is of high interest. Centennial-scale changes in delta C-13 of the surface water dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) reservoir have been shown to be influenced by the carbon isotopic composition of atmospheric CO2. However, the availability of direct oceanic delta C-13 measurements is limited and methods for reconstructing past delta C-13 variability of the oceanic DIC are needed. Geochemical reconstructions of DIC variability can help in understanding how the ocean has reacted to historical changes in the carbon cycle. This study explores the potential of using temporal variations in delta C-13 measured in five Fijian Porites corals for reconstructing oceanic...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Coral; Carbon isotope; CO2; Suess effect; Dissolved inorganic carbon; Fiji; Water depth; Skeletal extension rate.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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