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Importance et role du materiel organique vivant et inerte dans les suspensions de la Baie de Seine ArchiMer
Dupont, J; Lafite, R.
Living and inert organic matter take an important place inside suspensions in Seine Bay. There particulate matter and the organo-mineral particles can induce granulometric modes, which constitute a determinant component for dynamics characterizing of suspensions. Organic fraction, in particular, plankton (diatoms and zooplankton) is a main factor in open sea which can concentrate when coming into contact with mass water fronts. Organo-mineral aggregates are present in all estuaries. Importance and action of this organic particulate matter are studied for a best knowledge of this ecosystem.
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Zonal distribution; Estuaries; Species diversity; Plankton; Suspended inorganic matter; Sedimentation; Hydrodynamics; Suspended organic matter.
Ano: 1985 URL:
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