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DEDUCTION : A research project for shrimp farming sustainability in New-Caledonia ArchiMer
Beliaeff, Benoit; Chim, Liet; Della Patrona, Luc; Goyard, Emmanuel; Herlin, Jose; Labreuche, Yannick; Walling, Emilie; Ansquer, Dominique; Brun, Pierre; Castex, Mathieu; Coatanea, Denis; Courties, Claude; De Lorgeril, Julien; Dufour, Robert; Frappier, Julie; Goarant, Cyrille; Huber, Matthias; Lemaire, Pierrette; Lemonnier, Hugues; Loubersac, Lionel; Le Roux, Frederique; Lucas, Ronan; Patrois, Jacques; Peignon, Jean-marie; Pham, Dominique; Ramage, Yannick; Soulard, Benoit; Vic, Marlene; Vourey, Elodie; Wabete, Nelly.
New Caledonian shrimp farming feasibility studies started in the mid-seventies. Today ca. 2000 tons of Litopenaeus stylirostris, introduced in 1978, are semi-intensively produced each year. Since fifteen years, production has been impacted by two seasonal vibriosis, the “Summer” syndrome caused by Vibrio nigripulchritudo in relation to pond bottom and water column quality, and the “Winter Syndrome” caused by Vibrio penaeicida in relation to drastic temperature drops . With the ambition of elucidating processes possibly leading to mortality outbreaks in ponds, Ifremer has been conducting a research program since 2003 under the DESANS project (2003-2006) and the present DEDUCTION project, equally funded by the South and North Provinces and by the Government...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Shrimp farming; Technical and scientific support; Vibriosis; Water quality; Pathology; Ecophysiology; Genetics; Zoosanitary monitoring and procedures; Multifactorial and multidisciplinary approach.
Ano: 2009 URL:
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