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How wide is the seismogenic zone of the Lesser Antilles forearc? ArchiMer
Gutscher, Marc-andre; Westbrook, Graham; Marcaillou, Boris; Graindorge, David; Gailler, Audrey; Pichot, Thibaud; Maury, Rene.
The Lesser Antilles subduction zone has produced no recent strong thrust earthquakes, making it difficult to quantify the seismic hazard from such events. The Lesser Antilles arc has a low subduction rate and an accretionary wedge that is very wide at its southern end. To investigate the effect of the wedge on seismogenesis, numerical models of forearc thermal structure were constructed along six transects perpendicular to the arc in order to determine the thermally predicted width of the seismogenic zone. The geometry of each section is constrained by published seismic profiles and crustal models derived from gravity and seismic data and by earthquake hypocenters at depth. A major constraint on the deep part of the model is that mantle temperature beneath...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Zone sismogène; Séisme chevauchant; Modélisation thermique; Prisme d’accrétion; Petites Antilles; Seismogenic zone; Thrust earthquake; Thermal modeling; Accretionary wedge; Lesser Antilles.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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