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Modélisation sur vingt ans (1976-1995) de la production phytoplanctonique en baie de Seine ArchiMer
Guillaud, Jean-francois; Menesguen, Alain.
This paper presents an ecological modelling of the Bay of Seine (Eastern Channel) over the last twenty years, chosen as a typical case of eutrophication in a river plume. In the physical sub-model, the Bay is divided into 42 boxes and water fluxes between them are calculated automatically using Ifremer's "Elise" software. A two-layer, vertical thermohaline model is then linked with the horizontal circulation scheme in order to take vertical stratification into account. The biological submodel deals with two chemical elements, nitrogen and silicon, and splits phytoplankton into diatoms and flagellates. Results from this ecological model point out the spatial concordance of highest phytoplanktonic concentrations with the river plume spreading in the bay....
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Eutrophication; Flagellate; Diatom; Bay of Seine; Two layer model; Eutrophisation; Diatomée; Diatomée; Baie de Seine; Modèle bicouche.
Ano: 1998 URL:
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