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Potential for Genetic Improvement of the Main Slaughter Yields in Common Carp With in vivo Morphological Predictors 5
Prchal, Martin; Bugeon, Jerome; Vandeputte, Marc; Kause, Antti; Vergnet, Alain; Zhao, Jinfeng; Gela, David; Genestout, Lucie; Bestin, Anastasia; Haffray, Pierrick; Kocour, Martin.
Common carp is a major aquaculture species worldwide, commonly sold alive but also as processed headless carcass or filets. However, recording of processing yields is impossible on live breeding candidates, and alternatives for genetic improvement are either sib selection based on slaughtered fish, or indirect selection on correlated traits recorded in vivo. Morphological predictors that can be measured on live fish and that correlate with real slaughter yields hence remain a possible alternative. To quantify the power of morphological predictors for genetic improvement of yields, we estimated genetic parameters of slaughter yields and various predictors in 3-year-old common carp reared communally under semi-intensive pond conditions. The experimental...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Heritability estimates; Genetic correlations; Indirect selection; Morphological landmarks; Slaughter yields; Ultrasound imagery.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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