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Are trawl marks a good indicator of trawling pressure in muddy sand fishing grounds? ArchiMer
Merillet, Laurene; Kopp, Dorothee; Robert, Marianne; Salaun, Michele; Mehault, Sonia; Bourillet, Jean-francois; Mouchet, Maud.
The development of the vessel monitoring system (VMS) in the recent years has offered high-resolution data to map the distribution and intensity of fishing activities and contributed to enhancing the potential identification of fishing impacts. However, impacts could vary at very small scale and the resolution of VMS data might not be fine enough. Other proxy could be used, such as trawl marks visible on the seabed observed by underwater video or side-scan sonar to evaluate small-scale trawling effort. In the Bay of Biscay, an underwater video survey of the Nephrops norvegicus fishing ground was conducted and provided environmental characteristics such as depth and number of trawl marks at 152 transects. The relevance of observed trawl marks as a...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Bay of Biscay; Fishing intensity; Sediments; Underwater video; Vessel monitoring system.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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