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A moderate melting model for the Voring margin (Norway) based on structural observations and a thermo-kinematical modelling: Implication for the meaning of the lower crustal bodies ArchiMer
Gernigon, Laurent; Lucazeau, Francis; Brigaud, Frederic; Ringenbach, Jean-claude; Planke, Sverre; Le Gall, Bernard.
High P-wave velocities (7.1-7.8 km/s) lower crustal bodies (LCBs) imaged along volcanic margins are commonly interpreted as plume and break-up-related thick mafic underplating. This interpretation is partly challenged in this paper based on new seismic observations and modelling of the outer Voring Basin (Norway). An exceptional strong amplitude reflection, the T Reflection, is particularly well defined below the North Gjallar Ridge (NGR) between 7 and 8 s TWT. The T Reflection is located near the volcanic lava flows emplaced during the NE Atlantic breakup (similar to 55-54 Ma ago) and coincides with the top of the LCB, forming a mid-crustal dome. Based on structural and temporal relationships, we show that the dome clearly influences the structural...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Mantle plume; Norwegian margin; Underplating; Breakup; Modelling; Rifting; Volcanic margins.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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