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A crinoid crown from the Wenlock (Silurian) of Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England Naturalis
Donovan, S.K.; Lewis, D.N..
The specific diversity of fossil crinoids from the Much Wenlock Limestone Formation at Dudley, Worcestershire, and in Shropshire differ by an order of magnitude. The latter are relatively depauperate and include only about six nominal species. Over 165 years ago, a specimen from Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, was identified as Cyathocrinites tuberculatus Miller (= the taxocrinid flexible Protaxocrinus tuberculatus (Miller)). This specimen, although indifferently preserved, is distinct from other Silurian crinoids of the British Isles and is described herein as a monobathrid camerate, Macrostylocrinus? jefferiesi sp. nov. This species has a moderately large, conical dorsal cup with at least 20 arms, broad primibrachials, a granular surface sculpture and no ray...
Tipo: Article / Letter to the editor Palavras-chave: Systematics; Crinoids; Macrostylocrinus; Wenlock; Silurian; England; 42.72; 38.22.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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