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Epi-bathyal ostracod assemblage in Holocene Rhone deltaic sediments (Gulf of Lions, NW Mediterranean) and their palaeoecological implications ArchiMer
Fanget, Anne-sophie; Bassetti, Maria Angela; Berne, Serge; Arnaud, Mireille.
Since the Last Glacial Maximum, the Rhone River, which is the most important source of freshwater and sediment to the western Mediterranean Sea, migrated in a north-westward direction during the rapid Deglacial and Early Holocene sea-level rise. During the phase of global high sea-level (Middle and Late Holocene), an overall eastward migration of the Rhone outlet, under natural and/or human influence, is recorded through several sediment accumulations confined along the inner shelf in the form of deltaic lobes. These lobes that make up the whole Rhone subaqueous delta represent very expanded sedimentary archives of the Rhone Holocene history. In this paper, using three long piston cores retrieved from the most recent Bras de Fer (RHS-KS55) and Roustan...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Ostracodes; Delta sous-marin; Paléoécologie; Holocène; Méditerranée occidentale; Ostracoda; Subaqueous delta; Palaeoecology; Holocene; Western Mediterranean..
Ano: 2013 URL:
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