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Bridging the Gap Between Economics and Ecology Ecology and Society
Leefers, Larry; Michigan State University;; Castillo, Gem; Michigan State University;
Economics and ecology are often presented as opposing disciplines. Both fields have strengths and weaknesses. A new transdisciplinary field, ecological economics, attempts to bring together the strengths of both disciplines with a vision for a sustainable future. In this paper, we focus on one particular concept championed by ecological economists, natural capital. In particular, our interest is on the institutionalization of this concept through the United Nation's Satellite System for Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting (SEEA). SEEA is an international convention that incorporates natural resource accounting as a complement to the traditional System of National Accounts (SNA). In the case of boreal forests, the stocks and flows of forest...
Tipo: Peer-Reviewed Reports Palavras-chave: Boreal forest; Circumpolar resources; Degradation; Depletion; Ecological economics; Michigan; Natural capital; Natural resources accounting; SEEA; Sustainability; United Nations Environment Programme; World Bank..
Ano: 1998
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