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Provedor de dados:  ArchiMer
País:  France
Título:  Bay of Biscay’s temperature and salinity climatology : Bobyclim
Autores:  Vandermeirsch, Frederic
Charraudeau, Romain
Bonnat, Armel
Fichaut, Michele
Maillard, Catherine
Gaillard, Fabienne
Autret, Emmanuelle
Data:  2010-05
Ano:  2010
Resumo:  The Bay of Biscay climatology is the synthesis of all the in situ data collected in the bay of Biscay area as far as 15°W, in the 20th century and mainly by IFREMER, SHOM, and WDCA. It shows temperature and salinity monthly information through the whole water column with a 1/10 degree resolution. The resulting atlas was produced by an optimal analysis which can reflect different scales: shelf and abyssal plain. A fine scale on the coast reveals all the local effects, including plume and upwelling, and a large scale on the shelf where a slower signal is obtained due to the large scale circulation
Tipo:  Text
Idioma:  Inglês
Editor:  XII International Symposium on Oceanography of the Bay of Biscay, Plouzané, France
Formato:  application/pdf
Direitos:  Ifremer

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