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In situ record of sedimentary processes near the Rhone River mouth during winter events (Gulf of Lions, Mediterranean Sea) ArchiMer
Marion, C.; Dufois, Francois; Arnaud, Mireille; Vella, C..
The environment is impacted by natural and anthropogenic disturbances that occur at different spatial and temporal scales, and that lead to major changes and even disequilibria when exceeding the resiliency capacities of the ecosystem. With an annual mean flow of 1700 m(3) s(-1), the Rhone River is the largest of the western Mediterranean basin. Its annual solid discharges vary between 2 and 20 Mt, with flood events responsible for more than 70% of these amounts. In the marine coastal area, close to the mouth, both flocculation and aggregation lead to the formation of fine-grained deposits, i.e. the prodelta. This area is characterized by sediment accumulation rates up to 20-50 cm yr(-1) and high accumulations of particle reactive contaminants such as...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Sediment dynamics; Floods; Hydrodynamics; Radiotracers; Rhone River prodelta.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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