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SIDDIES Corridor: A Major East-West Pathway of Long-Lived Surface and Subsurface Eddies Crossing the Subtropical South Indian Ocean ArchiMer
Dilmahamod, Ahmad Fehmi; Aguiar-gonzalez, B.; Penven, P.; Reason, C. J. C.; De Ruijter, W. P. M.; Malan, N.; Hermes, J. C..
South Indian Ocean eddies (SIDDIES), originating from a high evaporation region in the eastern Indian Ocean, are investigated by tracking individual eddies from satellite data and co‐located Argo floats. A subsurface‐eddy identification method, based on its steric dynamic height anomaly, is devised to assign Argo profiles to surface eddies (surfSIDDIES) or subsurface eddies (subSIDDIES). These westward‐propagating, long‐lived features (>3 months) prevail over a preferential latitudinal band, forming a permanent structure linking the eastern to the western Indian Ocean, that we call the 'SIDDIES Corridor'. Key features have been revealed in the mean thermohaline vertical structure of these eddies. Anticyclonic SIDDIES are characterized by positive...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: South Indian Ocean; Eddy corridor; Surface and subsurface eddies; Long-lived eddies; Eddy demography; Heat; Freshwater fluxes.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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