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Provision of scientific advice for the purpose of the implementation of the EUPOA sharks. Final Report. European Commission, Studies for Carrying out the Common Fisheries Policy (MARE/2010/11 - LOT 2) ArchiMer
Murua, Hilario; Abascal, Francisco J.; Amande, J; Ariz, P; Bach, Pascal; Chavance, Pierre; Coelho, R; Korta, M; Poisson, Francois; Santos, M. N.; Seret, Bernard.
The scope of the European Union Plan of Action for Sharks covers directed commercial, by-catch commercial, directed recreational, and by-catch recreational fishing of any chondrichthyans within European Union waters. It also includes any fisheries covered by current and potential agreements and partnerships between the European Union and third countries, as well as fisheries in the high seas and fisheries covered by RFMOs managing or issuing non-binding recommendations outside European Union waters. Scientific advice for the purpose of the management of shark species in the high seas is carried out mainly via the Scientific Committees of the relevant Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMO), as well as through specific projects by national...
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Ano: 2013 URL:
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