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Effects of sowing depths on growth and rooting patterns of cowpea and mungbean in a deep sand with shallow water table Thai Agricultural
Budsaba Buakum; Viriya Limpinuntana; Nimitr Vorasoot; Krirk Pannangpetch; Bell, Richard William.
In some dry-season cropping areas of northeast Thailand, farmers can grow selected annual legumes without irrigation by deep seeding. This cropping system seems to depend on capillary water rising from a shallow water table and seems to be suitable for peanut and cowpea but not other legumes. Seedlings planted by deep seeding might produce more roots under the seed position and could facilitate plants to absorb more water in deep soil because their roots were closer to water table. The present experiment was set up to investigate the differences of growth and rooting patterns between cowpea and mungbean planted at different sowing depths in a sandy soil with a shallow water table. Cowpea and mungbean seeds were sown in soil columns either shallow (~5 cm)...
Tipo: Collection Palavras-chave: Seeding depth; Root system; Legume; Receding soil moisture; Seeding depth; ถั่วพุ่ม; ถั่วเขียว; ระดับความลึก; ระบบการปลูกพืช; รูปแบบรากพืช; ความชื้นในดิน; ดินทราย; การเจริญเติบโต.
Ano: 2011 URL:
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