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Detection and discrimination of cereal and leguminous species in chestnut flour by duplex PCR Inra
Alary, R.; Buissonade, C.; Joudrier, P.; Gautier, M.F..
Chestnut and chestnut-derived products are quite expensive and thus a possible target for fraudulent labeling. To obtain a French Label of Origin, chestnut producers need to certify the purity of their products. Chestnut-derived products are consumed by people who may suffer from celiac disease or are allergic to cereals. For these reasons, we developed a qualitative PCR-based method to detect cereal and leguminous species in chestnut flour. The presence of common wheat and barley was determined by amplifying part of the puroindoline-a gene, the presence of rye by amplifying part of the secaloindoline-a gene, the presence of durum wheat, rice, maize and chickpea by amplifying part of lipid transfer protein genes, the presence of oat by amplifying part of a...
Tipo: Journal Article Palavras-chave: CHESTNUT; CEREALS; PCR; DNA; FOOD LABELING; LEGUMES.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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