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Holocene coastal changes and infilling of the La Perroche marsh (French Atlantic coast) ArchiMer
Clave, B; Masse, L; Carbonel, P; Tastet, Jp.
The La Perroche marsh is a small Holocene marsh on the south-western coast of the Oleron island (Bay of Biscay, France) presently occupied by a freshwater swamp and separated from the ocean by a continuous sand dune ridge. The study of its infill shows first basal conglomeratic deposits with calcareous pebbles on a Cenomanian rough substrate. The Holocene infill since 6000 years BP begins with a very fast sedimentation of sands. Then, the sedimentation becomes finer, with lagoonal to freshwater influences recorded by ostracods. The distribution of these deposits inside the marsh is asymmetric, with a thick sandy-gravely layer in the eastern part and a succession of sands, clays and organic layers in the western part. Communication with the sea is episodic,...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Changements côtiers; Marais maritime; Holocène; Ostracodes; Sédiments; Coastal changes; Coastal salt marsh; Holocene; Ostracods; Sediments.
Ano: 2001 URL:
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