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Geomorfología y dinámica costera OceanDocs
Codignotto, J..
In Argentine coastal areas, geomorphological changes are directly related to relative continental uplifts and falls and to seaward and landward displacement of the coastline. Accretional and erosional phenomena are produced by displacement of the coastline in horizontal way. The resultant structures can be represented in two principal sectors. Backward motion or retrogradation of about 15 km were estimated for the Strait of Magellan, over an area of 500 km 2.Otherwise, large accretional phenomena were recognized in the north,with a 60 km seaward displacement, equivalent to 4,000 km2 in the last7.000 years. Variation in tidal regime and amplitude is reflected in the coincidence of the boundary between accretion and erosional sectors. Two principal nearshore...
Tipo: Book Section Palavras-chave: Coastal morphology; Coastal erosion; Sea level changes; Coastal erosion; Http://
Ano: 1997 URL:
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