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Data Descriptor: Stable isotopes in the atmospheric marine boundary layer water vapour over the Atlantic Ocean, 2012-2015 ArchiMer
Benetti, Marion; Steen-larsen, Hans Christian; Reverdin, Gilles; Sveinbjornsdottir, Arny Erla; Aloisi, Giovanni; Berkelhammer, Max B.; Bourles, Bernard; Bourras, Denis; De Coetlogon, Gaelle; Cosgrove, Ann; Faber, Anne-katrine; Grelet, Jacques; Hansen, Steffen Bo; Johnson, Rod; Legoff, Herve; Martin, Nicolas; Peters, Andrew J.; Popp, Trevor James; Reynaud, Thierry; Winther, Malte.
The water vapour isotopic composition ( (H2O)-H-1-O-16, (H2O)-O-18 and (HHO)-H-1-H-2-O-16) of the Atlantic marine boundary layer has been measured from 5 research vessels between 2012 and 2015. Using laser spectroscopy analysers, measurements have been carried out continuously on samples collected 10-20 meter above sea level. All the datasets have been carefully calibrated against the international VSMOW-SLAP scale following the same protocol to build a homogeneous dataset covering the Atlantic Ocean between 4 degrees S to 63 degrees N. In addition, standard meteorological variables have been measured continuously, including sea surface temperatures using calibrated Thermo-Salinograph for most cruises. All calibrated observations are provided with...
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Ano: 2017 URL:
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