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Activity and composition of the benthic fauna in the Whittard Canyon and the adjacent continental slope (NE Atlantic) ArchiMer
Duineveld, Gérard; Lavaleye, Marc; Berghuis, Eilke; De Wilde, Peter.
We compared the sediment and its community on the Celtic continental slope (Goban Spur) with those in a branch of the nearby Whittard Canyon in search for evidence of canyon mediated transport of (labile) organic matter. We studied the megabenthos and macrobenthos biomass and taxonomic composition, measured in situ sediment community oxygen consumption and determined sediment concentrations of particulate organic carbon, phytopigments, and nucleic acids. While the sediment community and activity on the canyon fan was similar to that on the abyssal station near Goban Spur, the sediment within the canyon had relatively enhanced sediment community oxygen consumption rates and higher levels of phytopigments. particulate organic carbon and nucleic acids,...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Zone abyssale; Canyon; Macrofaune; Métabolisme; Pigments végétaux; Deep-sea; Canyon; Macrofauna; Metabolism; Phytopigments.
Ano: 2001 URL:
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