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Comprehensive Evaluation on Demonstration Farmers' Specialized Cooperatives on the Basis of AHP Model AgEcon
Sun, Mei-yu; Luo, Jie-han; Duan, Yue-yong; Wang, Yong.
On the basis of AHP method, this paper establishes comprehensive evaluation model of demonstration farmers' specialized cooperatives, uses the Delphi method and AHP software to assign scientific and objective weight to 7 criteria in criteria layer and 27 indices in index layer, and evaluate the overall level of 153 farmers' specialized cooperatives whose main business is fruits and vegetables in Region R. The results show that the overall operation level of farmers' specialized cooperatives is common; democratic and financial management is open; the information-based level and social sensation are not insufficient; the marking results of questionnaire is basically scientific and objective. This paper discusses the new way to evaluate operation level of...
Tipo: Article Palavras-chave: AHP; Demonstration; Farmers' cooperatives; Comprehensive evaluation; China; Agribusiness.
Ano: 2011 URL:
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