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Sidementological and environmental impacts of development projects along the coast of hurghada, red sea, egypt OceanDocs
Mansour, A.M.; Mohamed, A.W.; El Dien, G.K.; Sayed, S.M..
The studies areas lay in Hurghada region include different aspects of coastal development. It represents different environmental problems and threats to the Red Sea ecosystem and geosystem. They include two tourist projects, a central marina for yachts and fishermen and a site for oil exploration and production. All sits have implemented Environmental Impact Assessment studies (EIA). Unfortunately, dredging and landfilling caused severe coast destruction and shoreline change in these areas. All sites have accurately surveyed and environmental problems cited, oceanographic parameters were measured, and 109 samples were collected from the beach and the tidal flat of four sits forming the study area. Grain size, carbonates and organic matter contents, major...
Tipo: Journal Contribution Palavras-chave: Field Study; Environmental conditions; Sedimentology; Coastal erosion.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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