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A neural model for the visual tuning properties of action-selective neurons Nature Precedings
Martin A. Giese; Vittorio Caggiano; Falk Fleischer.
SUMMARY: The recognition of actions of conspecifics is crucial for survival and social interaction. Most current models on the recognition of transitive (goal-directed) actions rely on the hypothesized role of internal motor simulations for action recognition. However, these models do not specify how visual information can be processed by cortical mechanisms in order to be compared with such motor representations. This raises the question how such visual processing might be accomplished, and in how far motor processing is critical in order to account for the visual properties of action-selective neurons.
We present a neural model for the visual processing of transient actions that is consistent with physiological data and that accomplishes...
Tipo: Poster Palavras-chave: Neuroscience.
Ano: 2011 URL:
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