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Wave-current interactions in a wave-dominated tidal inlet ArchiMer
Dodet, Guillaume; Bertin, Xavier; Bruneau, Nicolas; Fortunato, Andre B.; Nahon, Alphonse; Roland, Aron.
Wave-current interactions play a major role in the dynamics of shallow tidal inlets. This study investigates these interactions at a natural inlet, with a strong focus on current-induced changes on wave propagation. The analysis of hydrodynamic data collected at the Albufeira lagoon, Portugal, revealed spatiotemporal variations of water levels and wave heights along the inlet, attributed to wave-current interaction processes. We compared the simulations of a coupled wave-circulation modeling system, computed with and without waves, and propagated with and without current feedback. The wave-induced setup inside the lagoon represented 7%-15% of the offshore significant wave height. The accuracy of the wave's predictions improved when current feedback was...
Tipo: Text
Ano: 2013 URL:
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