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Low salinity intrusions in the western English Channel ArchiMer
Kelly Gerreyn, B; Hydes, D; Jegou, Anne-marie; Lazure, Pascal; Fernand, L; Puillat, I; Garcia Soto, C.
Low salinity (< 35) surface waters (LSSW) at the southern entrance to the western English Channel (48.5 degrees N, 5.1 degrees W, near Ushant) were observed in late winter (March-April) in three successive years (2002-04) during near continuous ship of opportunity operations. The source of the LSSW is the northward spreading plumes from the Loire (47.5 degrees N, 2.5 degrees W) and Gironde (45.6 degrees N, 1.2 degrees W) along the French Atlantic coast. Fastest plume travel times were associated with northeasterly winds, consistent with Ekman theory. Differences between years in the mean winter (January-March) combined river discharges (D) was consistent with the minimum salinities (S-min) of the LSSW (2004: D = 4211 m(3) s(-1), S-min = 33.68; 2003: D =...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Bay of Biscay; English Channel; River plume; Ferrybox; Low salinity.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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