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Enhancement with inducers of lacasse production by some strains and application of enzyme to dechlorination of 2,4,5-trichlorophenol Electron. J. Biotechnol.
Gedikli,Serap; Aytar,Pinar; Ünal,Arzu; Yamaç,Mustafa; Çabuk,Ahmet; Kolankaya,Nazif.
Lacasse is one of the extracellular enzymes excreted from white and brown rot fungi, which is involved in ligninolysis. In the present study, the effects of the addition of lacasse inducers to the medium on enhancement of enzyme production under conditions of submerged fermentation were researched. At first, a culture medium was selected suitable for lacasse production. To increase the production of lacasse using different inducers and to examine the ability of dechlorination, this article focuses on screen lacasse activity of 21 basidiomycetes isolates grown in five culture media. All inducers evaluated influenced lacasse activity positively except for gallic acid, mannitol, and malt extract for studied isolates. Our findings showed that lacasse activity...
Tipo: Journal article Palavras-chave: 2; 4; 5-trichlorophenol basidiomycetes dechlorination inducer lacasse.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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