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Lung tissue mechanics in the early stages of induced paracoccidioidomycosis in rats BJMBR
Shikanai-Yasuda,M.A.; Pereira,P.M.; Yamashiro-Kanashiro,E.; Duarte,M.I.S.; Assis,C.M.; Geraldes,E.A.; Saldiva,P.H.N..
Pulmonary dysfunction represents the most important cause of death in patients with paracoccidioidomycosis (PBM). In order to investigate the functional changes of the lungs in the early stages of PBM, a model of benign disease was developed by intratracheal challenge of 12-week old isogenic Wistar rats with 1 x 106 yeast forms of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis. Animals were studied 30 and 60 days after infection, when fully developed granulomas were demonstrable in the lungs. Measurements of airway resistance, lung elastance and tissue hysteresis were made during sinusoidal deformations (100 breaths/min, tidal volume = 2 ml) with direct measurement of alveolar pressure using the alveolar capsule technique. Infection caused a significant increase in...
Tipo: Info:eu-repo/semantics/article Palavras-chave: Experimental paracoccidioidomycosis; Pulmonary mechanics; Tissue mechanics; Alveolar pressure measurements; Hysteresis.
Ano: 1997 URL:
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