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Attitudinal determinants of willingness-to-pay for river ecosystem improvements in central Chile: A choice experiment Ciencia e Investigación Agraria
Huenchuleo,Carlos A; Barkmann,Jan; Marggraf,Rainer.
A respondent’s preference for non-market goods depends not only on the attributes of the goods but also on the respondent’s attitude towards the goods being valued. Accounting for these characteristics may substantially improve the ability of stated choice models to represent preference heterogeneity. In this regard, we analyzed the influence of respondent attitudes on the valuation of river ecosystem quality attributes affected by pulp mill wastewater in two central Chilean watersheds. We applied the Choice Experiment (CE) method to assess preferences on river pollution risk, water quality effects, threatened species and the yield in local fisheries. The payment vehicle was an additional annual charge to the electricity bill. All three...
Tipo: Journal article Palavras-chave: Attitudes; Choice modeling; Economic valuation; Water resource.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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