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Breeding of Kenaf Through Mutation Induced by Gamma-rays and Thermal Neutrons Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
M.L. Lai; James M. Dempsey; 賴銘立; J.M. Dempsey.
[[abstract]]Gamma-irradiation of kenaf seeds of variety Everglades 71, at 5000, 10000, 15000 and 20000 K was investigated as a method of inducing potentially valuable mutants in kenaf. So did the thermal neutron treatments with the different intensities and duration of 0.6×108/cm2, 1.2×108/cm2, 1.8×108/cm2, 2.7×108/cm2, 3.6×108/cm2 and 7.2×108/cm2. Stimulative effects from irradiation were indicated in that seedling vigor and plant height were greater in the M0 15000 R treatment than in the control. As far as thermal neutron treatments were concerned, there was no great effects on either plant vigor or plant height except the death of all seedings in the NT 7.2×108/cm2 treatment. Variability from interspecific hybridization has been of limited value in...
Palavras-chave: [[classification]]6.
Ano: 1973
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