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Competition between the sibling species <i>Tisbe holothuriae</i> and <i>T. battagliai</i> (Harpacticoida) OMA
Bergmans, M.; Janssens, P.P.M..
The influence of the salinity on the performance of the sibling species <i>Tisbe holothuriae</i> and <i>T. battagliai</i> in pure and mixed cultures was studied, using laboratory stocks adapted to 32 pro mille for over 175 generations. Cohort studies show that <i>T. holothuriae</i> has higher growth rates (R<sub>0</sub> and r) at 32 pro mille, <i>T. battagliai</i> at 20 pro mille. The latter's life cycle is much less affected by the difference in salinity. 'De Wit' replacement series were used to study competitive interactions. Without water renewal, <i>T. holothuriae</i> eliminates its sibling species in less than 2 generations, apparently through chemical interference. With water...
Tipo: Info:eu-repo/semantics/article Palavras-chave: Competition; Growth; Marine crustaceans; Phenology; Salinity; Sexual reproduction; Sibling species; Tisbe battagliai; Tisbe holothuriae.
Ano: 1988 URL:
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