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Origin and Accumulation of Trace Elements in Sediments of the Northwestern Mediterranean Margin ArchiMer
Cossa, Daniel; Buscail, R.; Puig, P.; Chiffoleau, Jean-francois; Radakovitch, Olivier; Jeanty, G.; Heussner, S..
Continental margins receive natural and anthropogenic trace elements (TEs) from direct atmospheric deposition of aerosols onto the sea surface and from advection of riverine suspended particles and/or resuspended sediments from the continental shelf/slope. When the margin is incised by submarine canyons, as for example in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea, most of these particles are preferentially transferred via these topographic features towards their final repositories in the abyssal plain. The Gulf of Lions (GoL) shelf receives the largest particulate riverine input to the Western Mediterranean, with its associated chemical contaminants originating from the industrialized and urbanized Rhone Valley. Sediments samples (grabs, cores and moored traps)...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Trace-element; Sediment; Canyon; Continental margin; Mediterranean.
Ano: 2014 URL:
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