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Genetic variability of environmental sensitivity revealed by phenotypic variation in body weight and (its) correlations to physiological and behavioral traits ArchiMer
Lallias, Delphine; Quillet, Edwige; Begout, Marie-laure; Auperin, Benoit; Khaw, Hooi Ling; Millot, Sandie; Valotaire, Claudiane; Kerneais, Thierry; Labbe, Laurent; Prunet, Patrick; Dupont-nivet, Mathilde.
Adaptive phenotypic plasticity is a key component of the ability of organisms to cope with changing environmental conditions. Fish have been shown to exhibit a substantial level of phenotypic plasticity in response to abiotic and biotic factors. In the present study, we investigate the link between environmental sensitivity assessed globally (revealed by phenotypic variation in body weight) and more targeted physiological and behavioral indicators that are generally used to assess the sensitivity of a fish to environmental stressors. We took advantage of original biological material, the rainbow trout isogenic lines, which allowed the disentangling of the genetic and environmental parts of the phenotypic variance. Ten lines were characterized for the...
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Ano: 2017 URL:
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