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Heavy metals distribution in mangrove sediments along the mobile coastline of French Guiana ArchiMer
Marchand, Cyril; Lallier Verges, E; Baltzer, F; Alberic, P; Cossa, Daniel; Baillif, P.
The accumulation of nine heavy metals in fine-grained sediments from the mangrove fringed coast of French Guiana is evaluated. The dynamic features of the South American tropical coastline, from the Amazon to the Orinoco Rivers, result in mangrove sediments being alternately submitted to phases of erosion and net sedimentation a few tens of years long. This process influences the distribution of the heavy metals associated with these frequently re-mobilized deposits. Sedimentary cores and mangrove plant samples were collected, at different seasons, in various swamps characterized by different properties (content of sedimentary organic matter, distance from sea water and fresh water). The ranges of measured concentrations expressed in mu mol g(-1) were the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: French Guiana; Mangrove; Fe/Mn cycling; Heavy metals.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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