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Not All Roads Lead to Resilience: a Complex Systems Approach to the Comparative Analysis of Tortoises in Arid Ecosystems Ecology and Society
Leuteritz, Thomas E. J.; Redlands Institute;; Ekbia, Hamid R.; Redlands Institute;.
The concept of resilience has been widely used in the study of social-ecological systems, with its key components identified as resistance, latitude, and precariousness. We use this concept to examine the differences among three semi-arid regions in terms of these three components. We do this by examining the status of tortoises that occur in the dry spiny forest Madagascar, the Karoo of South Africa, and the Mojave Desert of the United States as an indicator of the health and resilience of their respective ecosystems. Our findings demonstrate the tight coupling between societal development and ecosystem dynamics, the role of diversity in enhancing resilience, and the significance of local communal knowledge in sustaining it. Our findings also suggest that...
Tipo: Peer-Reviewed Synthesis Palavras-chave: Collective variable; Control parameter; Latitude; Madagascar; Panarchy; Precariousness; Resistance; Social-ecological systems; South Africa; United States.
Ano: 2008
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