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An Economic Analysis to Sustainable Fisheries Management OceanDocs
Lokina, R.B..
The coastal zone is a dynamic area surrounding the interface between land and sea. The coastal area and its resources offer great benefits and opportunities for human use. Most coastal activities in Tanzania rely on the natural resources that the coast offers (fishing, forestry, agriculture, tourism, mining, salt production mariculture etc). Therefore the condition of the coastal ecosystem and social well being are closely linked. The challenge is to maintain and improve the resources base on which those activities are dependent, while developing new economic opportunities in a way that benefits the people of the coast and the nation as a whole. A major constraint is the inadequate institution and legal framework for coastal management. Economics is about...
Tipo: Conference Material Palavras-chave: Maximum economic yield; Open access equilibrium; Efficiency; Artisan fisheries; Maximum sustainable yield; Bioeconomic model; Sustainable fishing; Sustainable management.
Ano: 2000 URL:
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