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Carbohydrats, N, P and K status of developing rice (Oryza sativa L.) plants grown in the first and second crop seasons in Taiwan Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
C.S. Chen; D.D. Huang; M.C. Shen; D. J. Liu; 陳建山; 黃定鼎; 沈美珍; 劉大江.
[[abstract]]Concentrations of total nonstructural carbohydrates, N, P and K in different plant parts of rice were analyzed at stages of plant development. Differences between crop seasons were also studied to investigate the physiological causes of low yield of the second crop rice. Accumulation of total nonstructural carbohydrates (TNC) in cuims and leaf sheaths was most evident during the period of panicle development. Highest TNC concentration was recorded earlier in the second crop (25 days before heading) than in the first crop (18 days before hea(S)ding) for rices grown in Taichung. It occurred at heading stage in both crops in Taipei area. The first crop rice accumulated significantly higher amount of TNC in culms at panicle emergence than the...
Palavras-chave: [[classification]]6.
Ano: 1980
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